Election day is just the beginning…

Jim Saunders at the Sacramento Bee has the buzz on the special session of the legislature, to be called November 5th, right after the elections next week, before before the new legislators are sworn in, in December.

After the election, health advocates have a multi-pronged budget battle ahead in the next year:
1) fighting the mid-year cuts that will be proposed in November;
2) fighting the additional cuts that will be proposed as part of the 09-10 budget that will be proposed in January and May, and that will be slated to start July 09;
3) working to support revenues to sustain health and other vital services, and prevent severe cuts;
4) opposing the budget proposals on the ballot in 2009 that siphon money away from health and other vital services, such as the so-called “rainy day” fund; and
5) supporting real budget reforms for the future.

And that’s just on the budget, and is not including health policy reforms…

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