What’s really at stake

Lots in the news about the Presidential candidates respective health plans today.

Health Affairs has just published an analysis of Obama’s and McCain’s health plans.
Ezra Klein has done his own summary of the Health Affairs’ take on the Obama and McCain plans.
Bob Herbert of the New York Times talks about McCain’s awful health agenda. Wall Street Journal (!) also has an op ed on why Obama’s plan is better.

McCain’s plan, according to health policy academics, would result in more than 20 million people losing their work-sponsored health coverage — leaving them to fend for themselves in the individual insurance market. I’m not sure how this improves anyone’s lot — especially in a state like California, where it would be an exagerration to say the individual market was regulated.

Meanwhile, the critiquers of the Obama plan (which includes an adviser to the McCain campaign), opine that it amounts to more regulation (because deregulation works sooooo well) and more spending (duh, it’s expensive to pay for health care.)

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