What was that for?

To add insult to injury, the Governor also eliminated funding for the UC Berkeley Labor Center. It was the only line item veto in the UC budget. The Governor did this even though his Administration relied on the work of the Labor Center in doing health reform in 2007. The UC Labor Center did numerous publications on health care which all of us who struggled with health reform rely upon, publications on the impact of an employer mandate and important work done jointly with UCLA on affordability for individuals that separated out those who are in the individual market from those who are employees. (No surprise: those who are in the individual market suffer from lack of affordability much more than those who get coverage on the job.) You can find these publications at www.laborcenter.berkeley.edu.

I guess we should not be surprised: a Governor who would once again delay funding for one of his own signature programs, the prescription drug discount program for the uninsured, and who would toss a quarter million kids or more off Medi-Cal, is the kind of Governor who would single out a research effort that had worked with his Administration on health reform. Of course, he did not veto funding for any of the business schools on the various UC campuses.

Speaker Bass in her media release said it well:

“The Governor has also broken his promise, again, to fund the Miguel Contreras
Labor Institute. I am deeply disappointed in his actions today, and they set the
stage for yet another difficult budget in the year ahead.”

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