Veto! but for the wrong reasons…

The Governor just announced that he will veto the budget bills, when they come to him.

Should he veto it? The proposed budget not only fails to fix the ongoing budget crisis, but places health and other vital services at even more risk in future years. Let’s be clear: This doesn’t just defer the issue for another next year: it makes severe, harmful cuts this year, and makes the budget problem much worse in future years. The budget steals revenues from future years to patch together this year’s problem, but now that’s money that won’t be there in those future years. And it’s not like there will be less demand for health and education.

The Governor would be right to veto this budget for not raising the revenues needed to prevent cuts to health, education and other vital services.

Instead, the Governor seeks to make a bad budget worse, by placing another funding priority to compete with existing services, without any new resources. A rainy day fund is not a bad thing, but if the Governor wants one, he should raise the revenues to fund one. The Governor’s budget proposals would lead to more, not less, cuts to vital services.

The Legislature needs to get back to work… but not with what the Governor has proposed.

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