Veepy views on health care

The Wall Street Journal today contains an analysis of Rep. Veep candidate Sarah Palin’s policy record. Here are the relevant health portions:
Gov. Palin didn’t make health care one of her top priorities, but where she did take a strong stand on health, it was for the free market.
“Health care must be market- and business-driven, rather than restricted by
government,” her office said in a January statement.
Her overall approach is much like Sen. McCain’s — loosen government regulations to allow for greater competition, along with more information for patients to make good
Addressing the uninsured was less of an issue for Gov. Palin, much as it is less significant for Sen. McCain. She was reluctant to support a significant expansion of the state’s version of the Children’s Health Insurance Program, called Denali KidCare. She signed a bill that raised eligibility to allow families with incomes up to 175% of the poverty level — stingy compared with other states.
Great. So she doesn’t *really* think addressing the uninsured is an issue. Yet, Alaska, according to the latest Census Report, her state (and it’s teeny tiny population of 664,000) has nearly the same proportion of uninsured as California — 17.3 percent (to our 18.6 percent). The number of uninsured in her state could populate the entire town of Costa Mesa — home to South Coast Plaza and 113,955 Orange Countians. (AK’s uninsured is 115,000).
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