The Gov made a bad budget worse….

We at Health Access were not fans of the budget deal Sunday, as reported in the Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Chronicle, and San Jose Mercury News,

But now, the Governor has made a bad budget deal worse. (More in the Fresno Bee.) The changes would force even steeper cuts for health care and other vital services in the future.

The budget now prioritizes a so-called “rainy day fund” without raising any money to put into it. Where will those funds come from? Already-underfunded health, education and other needs.

So this budget makes steep cuts (including a quarter-million children uninsured), and does not balance these cuts with revenues. It not only defers the problem, but actively makes the budget worse by taking money from future years that will not longer be available to pay for existing services. And it introduces another priority–the so-called rainy day fund–that will further squeeze health, education, and other vital services.

Not a good day. Or year.

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