House parties for health care…

Today, over 250 house parties in 38 states in over 120 cities were held around the nation, by volunteers and leaders of the Health Care for America Now! campaign–which included house parties by Health Access California, California ACORN, and other partners hear in the Golden State.

The point is to get Americans to contact their Congressional representatives, to urge them to make health reform a top priority in 2009, and to commit to a reform that places consumers’ interest first. The Health Care for America Now! website has the Statement of Common Purpose, which outlines the direction health reform should go, and a “Which Side Are You On?” statement, asking Representatives where they stand on the central debates in health policy.

Here’s the trailer for the video shown at the house parties… We have a chance to make history on health reform, but only if we do this right…

Health Access California promotes quality, affordable health care for all Californians.
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