Governor signs some consumer bills — still waiting on others….

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger just signed a few of our bills….yippee!

  • AB 1203 (Salas) would prevent emergency departments – which do not have a contract with a patient’s insurance company — from directly billing the patient if they remain their after they are stabilized. It would require the hospital to seek payment directly from insurers.
  • AB 2569 (De Leon) would require brokers who take applications to attest, under penalty of perjury, that the information is complete and accurate to the best of their knowledge. Also ensures that family members whose coverage depends on that of the rescinded person may be offered another individual policy.
  • SB 1379 (Ducheny) would direct some of the fines levied on insurers for improper recissions to subsidize MRMIP and repay loans for physicians working in underserved areas.

Of course, now i’m a little scared what that means to our other bills that are related to some of these that he *hasn’t* signed yet….

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