As the dust settles…

So the legislative session ends, even if the budget battle continues. Lots of disappointments this year on health care, including the failure of bills that would have required greater transparency for insurers–SB1522(Steinberg)–and providers–AB2967(Lieber), SB1300(Corbett). There’s more to write about those and other bills in the days ahead.

Many health bills did pass. Here’s a few, with fuller descriptions of these bills are on the Health Access website at:

AB2(Dymally) to improve the high-risk pool;
AB1945(De La Torre) to have independent review of recissions;
SB1440(Kuehl) to requirement that 85% of premiums go to patient care, rather than administration or profit;
SB981(Perata) and AB1203(Salas) to restrict balance billing;
SB840(Kuehl) to establish a universal single-payer health system;

There’s others, and we’ll have a full report early in the week.

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