An Assessment

Just to sum it all up:

This is a bad budget for health care in California. This is a cut-and-cut-and-run budget, which makes steep cuts this year and sets us up for even worse cuts in future years.

Focusing on specific cuts:
* The cuts in this budget would impose onerous paperwork burdens on low-income families, for the cynical purpose of having over a quarter-million children drop off of health coverage.
* This budget would cut hundreds of millions of dollars from the doctors, hospitals, and other health providers on which we all rely. This means California also loses hundreds of millions of dollars in federal matching funds, further harming our health care system, and our economy.

These cuts impact everyone, regardless if they are insured or uninsured, have public coverage or private coverage. We all rely on the same health system. If a hospital loses millions of dollars of reimbursement from Medi-Cal, that means reduced staffing or services, or increased costs, for everybody.

What’s worse is that the budget just doesn’t defer the problem–this budget actively makes the problems worse, next year and into the future. It robs money from future years to paper over this year’s hole–that’s money that won’t be there for existing health and education needs. It has corporate giveaways that will further put the squeeze on services.

And on that rainy day fund…

The Governor made a bad budget worse. He prioritized a so-called rainy day fund, but didn’t raise the funds to pay for it. This rainy day fund will siphon funds from existing services like health and education, making the budget squeeze even worse. The Governor’s budget demands will lead to more, not less, cuts to vital services.

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