The Republican budget…

The Senate Republicans, with support from their counterparts in the Assembly Republicans, took up the challenge of Sen. Perata to put up a budget.

Health Access has a full scorecard of the cuts proposed by the Governor, and how they fared in the Conference Committee Budget Proposal-supported by the Democratic majority in both houses.

With the exception of some Medi-Cal provider rate cuts for doctors, the Republican budget would make all the health cuts listed.

That means that the Republican budget would have all the consequences detailed in the reports:
* One million more uninsured Californians, who will live sicker, die younger, and be one emergency from financial ruin;
* Over 2.5 million Californians with Medi-Cal coverage paying more and getting less;
* An increase in premiums of at least $290 for those with private health coverage;
* Significant economic impacts, including lost federal matching funds coming into our economy, and lost jobs.

The Republican budget would make other cuts as well, that were not proposed by the Governor.
It also includes a strict spending cap that would force further cuts in health care, now and in the future.

There’s lots of other proposals as well, although many that are not fleshed out and so we will have to see what they mean. One includes tax *cuts* for Health Savings Accounts, further encouraging underinsurance.

We will see if the Republican legislators will want to fully own the full consequences of this budget.

Health Access California promotes quality, affordable health care for all Californians.

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