Somewhat encouraging?

On Day 42 of the budget impasse, I guess I find it somewhat encouraging that Senate Republican Leader Dave Cogdill said over the weekend he didn’t believe we could have a cuts only budget. Republicans, so far (and as in previous years), have rejected the Conference Committee proposal which balances cuts against taxes. The Legislature needs a two-thirds vote to pass a budget, which means getting Republican support for the budget.

Cogdill has instead said he’d rather borrow money and repay it with lottery proceeds. But after the borrowing this year, what happens next year?

Of course, Cogdill and his Republican colleagues in the past have derided bonds and borrowing as mortgaging our children’s future. Really, though, will there be any future for some children if their schools aren’t properly funded, they can’t see a doctor and can’t afford a public university education.

For us, the May Revise Budget means 1 million more uninsured over the next three years. It means seniors and disabled Californians who live on fewer than $1,000 a month will have to spend their meager allowances paying for — or going without — eyeglasses, dental exams even incontinence creams and washes. Is this the kind of state we are?

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