Our state’s shame on a national stage…

Just saw a video broadcast at Mile High Stadium before Al Gore and Barack Obama’s speeches. It was about an Obama supporter whose mother had cancer, and her experiences with a health system that needs to be reformed.

“It was horrible. It was one of the worst experiences to go through. I saw the medical system firsthand, and it was horrible…. Towards the end, she had gotten stable, and was stable enough for transfered, to be removed from the ICU. When I was trying to get a doctor to admit her to another hospital, the doctors couldn’t admit her because they didn’t have the proper insurance. She had Medi-Cal. These doctors didn’t accept Medi-Cal….”

Alas, she’s a Californian, and at least this part of her story shines a national spotlight on the process of access for the 6.8 million Californians with Medi-Cal coverage.

Yet at the same time, the budget crisis threatens to cuts further into Medi-Cal, including the already lowest-in-the-nation provider rates that lead more than half of the state’s doctors not to take Medi-Cal patients.

We can do better.

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