No budget…

The vote wasn’t a surprise, but it’s still disappointing. The budget vote, largely along the Conference Committee framework, but with a rainy day fund, lottery securitization, and other elements, was voted on Sunday night.

While getting more than a majority of vote a long partisan lines with Democrats voting in favor(45-30, those not voting including Parra, Torrico, Aghazarian, and the medically excused Runner and Soto), the budget failed to get the Republican votes needed to pass the 2/3 threshold for passage for a budget and taxes.

We appreciate the Assembly leadership’s attempt to raise the revenues needed to prevent the worst of the proposed cuts to health care and other vital services—cuts that not only will make a millions of Californians pay more and get less care, but also harm the health system we all rely on. The cuts would also hurt our economy–resulting in lost federal matching funds, wages, and jobs into the billions.

But let’s be clear: the budget considered tonight already has tough cuts—including denying a quarter-million children health care—and yet it is being held up, by those who want more cuts now, and a deceptive, arbitrary ceiling that will force ongoing cuts into the future. That’s the wrong direction. But that’s the direction it looks these negotiations are going.

Health Access California promotes quality, affordable health care for all Californians.

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