Making coverage matter…

Health reform continues, and the first job is to make coverage provide the security for which people get insurance in the first place. That’s the upshot of the front-page article today by Jordan Rau of the Los Angeles Times.

It is a good, comprehensive report about several consumer protections moving through the Legislature and to the Governor’s desk, which would in particular help those who don’t have group coveragae through an employer or public program, and have to buy coverage as an individual. The Governor is currently negotiating with the legislators about the final contents–from SB1522(Steinberg), our bill to better standardize the insurance market, to SB1440(Kuehl), which would ensure a percentage of premiums go to patient care.

It’s critical to future efforts around health reform: if people don’t have confidence in the value of coverage, then they are less enthused about expanding that coverage.

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