Listening to who?

A month or so ago, America’s Health Insurance Plans, representing the insurance industry, launched a “listening tour,” as part of their campaign to organize 100,000 people who are satisfied with their health coverage–and presumably to stop many of the health reforms that are being proposed. Many suspect that’s the actual goal of their Campaign for an American Solution.

The Health Care for America NOW! blog has the scoop regarding the event. The “listening tour” in Detroit was so secretive that the public only found out about it THE SAME DAY. They didn’t seem to want to listen–which means listening to people who have actual complaints with insurance company practices, from raising rates without justification to denying patients care and coverage

The insurers probably were spooked by the protest by Health Care for America Now and local health consumer and constituency organizations in Columbus, Ohio during their first “listening tour” stop. But if they are serious about listening, that means listening to their critics–and having . Otherwise, it’s just PR.

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