Governor: Now he’s serious….

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger scolded lawmakers via Capitol press conference today, saying both sides (especially Republicans) needed to stop being stubborn sticks-in-the-mud and grow up, and that the Republican idea to paper over our budget gap sucks. (That’s not a quote, I’m paraphrasing).

“Let us get together and let us work this out. Don’t come to the table with the same stubborn position. The Republican came in and said ‘No taxes. No taxes. No taxes. ‘ The Democrats say ‘No cuts. No cuts. No cuts,”” the governor said at today’s press conference.

He looked pretty annoyed that the whole thing wasn’t done with already. I’m not sure how a public scolding is going to help matters, but I did want to point out one thing: We’ve taken our lumps. The budget has been cut already and we can’t take anymore.

Setting aside the Medi-Cal reimbursement issue — which was just blocked by a federal judge yesterday — California’s services will be cut no matter which budget we’re talking about — the May Revision or Conference Committee. In health services, we anticipate nearly 300,000 children to lose coverage because of burdensome paperwork requirements and increased premiums for Healthy Families and community clinics will lose some sources of funding.

It’s unfair to go back and ask for more…we’ve done our part. Let the others do theirs.

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