For the children….

The state budget impasse is nearing the end of its second month and shows no signs of abating. For every day that California goes without a budget, we get anxious because it means that more cuts are possible.

The May Revise budget contained nearly $1 billion in cuts to health services, which would have translated to more than one million additional uninsured Californians by the end of the Schwarzenegger administration. The Conference Committee restored many cuts, but the Conference Committee budget would result in the loss of health coverage for nearly 300,000 children by the the Schwarzenegger administration. The LA Times had a story this weekend.

As the budget debate drags on, and Republicans refuse to agree to increased revenues to fund our state’s basic needs, more lives will be on the line. There have been rumored mutterings of more cuts — meaning more children will be unable to get eyeglasses, teeth cleanings and basic health services that would keep them healthy and in school for years to come.

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