With these health cuts, everybody hurts..

Who gets impacted by the Medi-Cal cuts? Everybody. It impacts the health system on which we all rely.

Barbara Anderson of the Fresno Bee reports on the challenges to the Medi-Cal program, and in a separate article, solicits potential solutions from some key leaders in the Central Valley, where the system is so stretched already that the consequences of the cuts could be dire. I stated that we need to raise the revenues needed to prevent cuts as a first step; I also agree that then we need to pursue health reform, as put forward by Dr. Kratzer and Dr. Maffeo in the write-up.

The article mentions an ad campaign against the cuts sponsored by an unusually large spectrum of health care stakeholders: doctors, hospitals, insurers, health care workers, as well as seniors and consumers (including Health Access California). These are groups that usually don’t agree on much–we are actively supporting bills this year opposed by one of these groups or another–but we agree on the severity of the cuts to the whole health system. These are deep, systemic cuts that would undermine the health system for the uninsured and insured.

E. J. Schultz reporting on the Fresno Bee’s blog has more details of the television ad that started running in Fresno to make this very point:

“Stop the health care cuts… or we all pay the price.”

Health Access California promotes quality, affordable health care for all Californians.

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