The many impacts of cuts to a community…

With the Budget Conference Committee scheduled to come in on Sunday to make further decisions on the budget, Matthias Gafni in the Contra Costa Times has a great article about how multiple cuts are impacting a local community.

The article cites a report and compilation of statistics, done in collaboration with local organizations and leaders, spearheaded by Health Access and our outstanding organizer Jessica Rothhaar. She’s worked in the area for years, and was able to help pull it together from an unusually set of community groups. It is available here:
Contra Costa County Local Impacts Report

The partnership with other groups was important because the report did go beyond health issues to education, social services, and other areas that Health Access traditionally does not touch. But with the budget cuts being so broadly based, it made sense to get a look at how the full range of cuts is impacting the community as a whole.

Health Access working with organizations in other counties to do a similar analysis, but the results are similar: the scale of the cuts is devastating, and together they are even more so. These cuts need to be prevented, even if we need to raise revenues to do so.

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