Medi-Cal providers forced to float the state…

The delay on deciding on a budget has real consequences. Starting today, some Medi-Cal providers will not get paid, reports Evan Halper at the Los Angeles Times.

They will need to take out lines of credit until a budget is passed, when they can finally get reimbursed. The cash crunch by the State of California, will, in effect, cause cash crunches at clinics and other health providers up and down the West Coast.

So we need a budget passed urgently–but we also need the right budget passed. The clinics and health providers won’t be too happy if the reimbursements they will eventually get back are cut, this year and into the future. Or if it means that a million more uninsured Californians are showing up at their door.

On the budget: Do it. Do it right. Do it right now.

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