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The Los Angeles event in front of LA County Hospital was also a success. Nancy Berlin from the California Partnership moderated (pictured speaking, with Health Access California organizer Nancy Gomez to her right), and it featured several speakers, including Connie Leyva, president of the California Labor Federation and several others.

The headliner was Lt. Gov. John Garamendi (pictured, about to sign the “What Side Are You On?” statement of the Health Care for America Now campaign, supporting quality, affordable health care for all, as opposed to having consumers being left alone in the individual insurance industry.)

As a veteran of past reform effort since 1976, he reminds us the major insurance and other special interests opposed to health care reform, and why we need a big, broad coalition in support of reform if anything is going to happen.

Other participants of the LA event included: California Partnership, Health Access California, ACORN, AFSCME Council 36, United Nurses Association of California/AFSCME, MIWON, Committee of Interns and Residents/SEIU, Community Health Councils, ACLU of Southern California, Asian Pacific American Legal Center, California Labor Federation, California Latinas for Reproductive Justice, Children’s Defense Fund, Coalition for Human Immigrant Rights Los Angeles, Planned Parenthood, SEIU-United Healthcare Workers West, and the Universal Health Care Action Network.

(Pictured speaking is Joan Pirkle Smith, a longtime board member of both Health Access California and the Universal Health Care Action Network.)

Health Access California promotes quality, affordable health care for all Californians.
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