Controlling costs, not curbing care…

Our friends at CALPIRG recently released a new study on cost containment in health care.

It’s described in opinion piece by CALPIRG’s Michael Russo in the California Progress Report, and in an article by Keith Darce of the San Diego Union Tribune.

It’s a useful compilation of the research out there on cost containment, brought together in a readable package. The core message is that there are significant ways to cuts costs beyond the typical attempts to cut costs by cutting care.

While there is no one silver bullet to bring down health prices, there are several strategies that, together, can have a big impact. Health Access has a one-page fact sheet on controlling costs with a similar message, but the CALPIRG report gives good policy detail, especially in areas about reducing regional disparities in health spending, in administrative duplication, and in prescription drug purchasing. It’s worth a read.

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