A fighter throughout…

Our wishes go out to Joan Lee,who has been in the hospital for a few weeks now, battling cancer.

We at Health Access California have worked with Joan closely in her leadership role with the Gray Panthers, on everything from fighting budget cuts to fighting the price-gouging of prescription drug companies. Health Access has had a joint project with her and the Gray Panthers, along with other senior groups, around the implementation of Medicare Part D, and a broader range of senior health policy issues. She’s been active in Democratic circles, and in building bridges between the senior and disability communities.

She was cited last year as a California Senior Leader by the UC-Berkeley School of Public Health, which described her as “a convenor of the Gray Panthers of Sacramento, national Gray Panther board member, and Vice President of the Congress of California Seniors, to name but a few. Joan Lee is well known in the State Legislature, and in Washington DC, as an articulate voice for better transportation, improving Medicare Part D, and policies to help prevent elder abuse. Returning to college to get a degree in Gerontology in her mid 50’s, she has fought for the rights of older adults on many fronts, including creating an innovative long term care program in Northern California and successfully advocating for medical schools to have required courses in gerontology.”

We’re pulling for her. Wishes can be sent to her and her husband Arnie at: Joan B. Lee (patient), c/o Kaiser Hospital , 2025 Morse Avenue, Sacramento, CA 95825.

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