Pretty soon, the insureable will be a pretty exclusive club

The NYT had an interesting story on Sunday about women, of childbearing age, who are denied coverage on the individual market because they had previously had a Caesarean section. The rationale is that these women would be likely to have another expensive C-section should they get pregnant again.

If that were truly the case, most of the women I know who have had children would not be able to get coverage on the individual market, which seems horribly unfair — as the story, and my friends point out — many women don’t go into labor wanting to have a C-section.

“Insurers are adding insult to injury. Not only are women feeling pressure
to have Caesareans that they do not want and may not need, but they may also be
denied coverage for the surgery.”

So women: If you haven’t already been excluded from coverage for a rash, prescription, infection or allergy, having a baby will do it to you.

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