Plain Wrong

Assemblyman Roger Niello suggests in conference committee during debate on 10% provider rate reduction that the state is not applying cuts to Medi-Cal in a way that attacks all “three legs”: Eligibility, provider rates and benefits.

That’s just wrong.

The budget does all three.


  • 10% rate reduction for providers. (-$614 million)


  • Elimination of Adult Dental (-$73.8 million)
  • Other benefits, such as podiatristrists, eyeglasses and incontinence creams and washes (-$11.6 million)


  • Quarterly Status Reports. (-$43.3 million): a passive agressive way for the state to eliminate Medi-Cal recipients by blaming their disenrollment on the recipients’ failure to report their income every three months.
  • Direct denial of low-income working adults (-$31.2 million): which would tell parents earning between $11,000 and $18,000 that they earn too much to qualify for Medi-Cal.

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