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If you have been a reader of this blog, we hope you have found these updates, reporting, and analysis helpful in your work. You also know that there are big decisions being made in next few weeks and months that will have dramatic impact on California patients, insured and uninsured.

  • There are draconian health care cuts proposed, that would deny care for hundreds of thousands of Californians, and undermine the health care system we all rely on. We need to fight for an alternative to a cuts-only budget, for one that includes the revenues needed to prevent such severe cuts.
  • At the same time, there is the possibility of advancing consumer protection legislation to cap out-of-pocket costs and set better standards for insurance sold to individuals; to place new oversight over insurers about their rescission practices; to have better transparency about the cost and quality of the health care provided by doctors and hospitals; and more.
  • Both these fights are critical for laying the foundation for major health reform in 2009, and we need to prepare now for a new window of opportunity, with a new President and Congress at the federal level, and new legislative leadership and gubernatorial interest at the state level. We can’t give up on winning broard health reform, from an expansion of public programs for children to a full-blown single-payer system, and everything in between.

ORGANIZATIONS CAN JOIN THE HEALTH ACCESS COALITION: To best advance these goals, we urge your organization to become a member of Health Access California, the statewide health care consumer advocacy coalition. When you do, you will join the dozens of other member organizations representing seniors, people with disabilities, children, immigrants, communities of color, health care professionals, people of faith, working families, women, low-income families, and communities throughout California.

Join online at our website, at:
To join by printing out a form to fill out and mail-in, go to:

We invite organizations that support the goal of quality, affordable health care for all to join the Health Access coalition. With your organization’s contribution, commitment, and membership, we can work to achieve meaningful change for the insured and the uninsured.

INDIVIDUALS CAN CONTRIBUTE: If you are an interested individual who wants to contribute, we welcome that as well. You can also contribute at the Health Access Foundation website, at:

BIG DECISIONS COMING UP: In the next few weeks, with your support and strength, we have the opportunity to fight these budget cuts, place greater oversight over insurers and providers, and advance efforts at the state and national level to expand coverage to all Californians. Sacramento policymakers will be making decisions on the budget and bills shortly; a list of pending bills (one of the many resources Health Access provides) is available on our website at:

In the next few months, we will work to ensure that health care continues to be a major issue in the fall elections, so that there is a mandate for comprehensive health care reform and coverage expansion in 2009, a campaign for which we are actively planning and organizing.

HELP YOUR ORGANIZATION ADVOCATE: More than any specific policy goal, our main focus at Health Access California is to provide your organization with information, materials, relationships, and resources to assist you to advocate effectively on the health care issues that matter most to your constituency. In addition to providing these up-to-the-minute e-mail updates and alerts on health policy developments, we also produce fact sheets, talking points, and analyses of legislation and ballot propositions. We develop policy proposals and organize public campaigns in support of policy solutions to help you engage your constituents around health care issues.

For a sample of the resources we provide, please visit our main website at:

As a coalition organization, Health Access works to assist its member organizations to build their capacity, so they can better advocate on health care issues. More than a source of information, Health Access works side-by-side with its member organizations. Our diverse staff, with expertise in consumer advocacy, government, journalism, labor, electoral campaigns, lobbying, community organizations, and media relations, are available as resources, to give presentations or assistance on a range of subjects. We give our members issues and substance around which they can organize, plan media events, and build their base locally. Realizing that our member groups have multiple priorities and issues, we work to provide them with resources that allow them to get meaningfully involved in health care advocacy without draining their internal resources.

JOIN HEALTH ACCESS: We ask that your organization join with many other California organizations in becoming a member of Health Access California for 2008 with a contribution of $250 (less for small groups at the discretion of the Executive Director; $1000 or more for large membership organizations and unions). The resources raised from membership help us provide the advocacy work in the Capitol and the information that you and other advocates use for your own work.

Your organization can join online, at:
To join by printing out a form to fill out and mail-in, go to:

We hope that these E-mail updates and our research, organizing, coalition-building, public education, and advocacy will continue to be beneficial to you as a member of Health Access California. Your organization’s membership — both the contribution and the commitment — gives us the resources to effectively assist your organization, and to win policy victories on behalf of health care consumers.

To check if your organization’s membership is current for this year, or if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions about how we can be of better service to your organization, please feel free to contact me at 916-442-2308 or

INDIVIDUALS CONTRIBUTIONS HELP: If you want to contribute as an individual, we would welcome that as well. You can also contribute at the Health Access Foundation website, at:

We look forward to working with you in the weeks and months ahead. Now back to our blogging…

Health Access California promotes quality, affordable health care for all Californians.
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