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Assemblyman John Laird, chairman of the Assembly Budget Committee, put up a good fight for the yet-to-be implemented California Discount Prescription Drug Program, which was signed into law in 2006 but delayed because of budget constraints.

The Senate has proposed delaying this again this year for a $5.8 million savings (.006 percent of the state budget). I wanted to clarify something that Assm. Laird said. This program would allow approximately 5.4 million unisnured low- and moderate-income Californias (below 300% of poverty) to buy prescription drugs at a *fair* price (between 40 to 60 percent off). Right now, this population pays the sticker price for drugs — or they go without.

Sen. Denise Ducheny, chair of the Senate Budget Committee, did not think as much was being lost if the program had not yet been implemented.

The item remains open.

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