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Speaker Karen Bass made some budget announcements today, mostly pulling together the budget as a whole, and what the Assembly Budget Subcommittees have done in terms of rejecting cuts, and indicating the need for revenues to prevent those cuts to education, health care and other vital services.

Some excerpts from the press release about the need for revenues to prevent cuts:

The Assembly Democrats’ plan will require some cuts and some new revenues and relies on the Legislative Analysts Office’s revenue and property tax assumptions.

How these goals will be achieved:

* Assembly Democrats have said all along that we would not accept a cuts-only budget. We were encouraged that the Governor agreed with us.

* Assembly Democrats have also said that everything has to be on the table, and
we’ve proposed several ways to increase revenues.

Speaker Bass continued: “The four legislative leaders have already begun meeting to talk about how we get to where we need to be to balance this budget with revenues. And I believe we need to start with closing loopholes and restoring the tax giveaways of past budgets, particularly for corporations and the richest of the rich Californians. That’s where the discussion will start, and I look forward to
more of the productive discussions I’ve had during the past few weeks.”

“Our plan will be our starting point in the Budget Conference Committee, which will begin meeting mid-to-late next week. We will miss the June 15th deadline because of the complexity of the proposals and size of the deficit, but we are on target to vote before the fiscal year with a proposal that is not just a ‘drill,’” Speaker Bass concluded.

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