Another year, another missed deadline

Big News. Well, really not-so-big. We don’t have a budget; it’s due today. No one’s really concerned, ’cause we’re late every year. In fact, since 1968, California has only had 13 budgets that were signed on or before June 30th.

Without a budget — beginning tomorrow — Medi-Cal providers begin feeling the 10 percent rate reductions that were passed earlier this year. Current versions of the Assembly and Senate budgets attempts to reverse part of the reduction for some providers.

State Controller John Chiang has a nice list of stuff that he can legally pay and not pay without a budget.

On a purely personal and selfish note: What’s been really nice about the past few years, is the Legislature doesn’t feel compelled to call floor session on June 15th (their deadline) and today (the big magilla deadline) and pretend to pass a budget even when they know they don’t have one. It’s a waste of everyone’s time and it’s silly.

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