The Governor’s budget cuts will result in closing the doors to coverage and care for hundreds of thousands of Californians, and further unravel the broken health care system that we all rely on.

We need to remember: The new cuts that block people from getting coverage is on top of severe cuts already made this, and others still pending, that would reduce access to doctor and hospitals, eliminate basic benefits like dental care, and have people dropped from coverage. As a result, millions of Californians, including children, parents, seniors, and people with disabilities will live sicker and die younger as a direct result of these budget decisions.

THE BIGGEST CUT: The biggest of the new cuts is the “1931b” eligibility cut that would mean that a parent in a three-person family with a $11,000/year income would no longer be able to get Medi-Cal coverage. Such a cut is calculated to save $342.5 million a year in state funds, although it would also mean an equivalent loss of federal matching funds to our health system.


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