Quarterly Status Report Debate

Lots of invective discussion in the Senate Budget Committee this morning on governor’s budget proposal to impose Quarterly Status Reports — which are a passive aggressive way for the state to kick children and adults off of Medi-Cal if they don’t return a report form every three months that lets the state know that they’re alive, haven’t moved and their income hasn’t changed.

Some quotes:

Sen. Steinberg: “Let’s be frank. On cost-savings…the motivation of this is not to detect fraud. The motivation is to hope that people won’t show up and therefore lose their eligibility.’’

Sen. Gloria Romero points out that nearly 500,000 children would lose their health coverage once the reports are fully implemented. “That’s not ‘falling through the cracks.’ ….It seems, to me, that the net hope is that these children will just ‘go away’ and that’s the anticipated savings for the state of California. What I’d like to ask is, ‘Are you concerned about this?’’’

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