By The Numbers

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s budget will impact tens of thousands of Californians. Here’s a compilation of the cuts and lives affected:

  • Quarterly-status reports: 160,000 children; 15,000 adults impacted in 2008-09. Two-year total is 300,000 children impacted. Five-year total is 471,000 impacted. Requires families to justify every three months that their income has not changed. If they fail to do so, they would be dropped from Medi-Cal.
  • Elimination of essential benefits, such as dental, speech therapy, eyeglasses and optometrist services and incontinence creams and washes.
  1. Dental: 900,000
  2. Optometrists: 214,000
  3. Eyeglasses and Contact lenses: 457,000
  4. Podiatrists: 85,000
  5. Incontinence creams and washes: 66,000
  6. Acupuncture: 33,000
  7. Hearing aids: 28,000
  • Seniors and Medicare premiums: Requiring some low-income seniors (earning, at most, $1,100 a month) to pay $97-a-month co-pay on for their Medicare coverage for doctors visits. 57,000 seniors affected.
  • Low-income working families: Would deem families earning very meager wages ($1,500 a month for three people) too wealthy to qualify for Medi-Cal. Such a family would need to drop its income to $895 a month — and work no more than 100 hours a month — in order to qualify. Numbers of people affected by this are unclear. We do know that 429,000 adults with children are on Medi-Cal now. About one-third of those are single moms.
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