But can Mrs. MIP get coverage?

With all the talk about the high-risk pools that McCain plans to create, it’s a good thing to simply highlight that California already has a high-risk pool, even few people know about it.

It’s called MRMIP, the Major Risk Medical Insurance Program.

It has a waiting list of over 500 people right now, according to a chart posted on its website. That’s even though the program has never been promoted or advertised.

People who are denied coverage because of “pre-existing conditions” have to pay more than the market rate to get the coverage. It’s a lifeline for those who can’t get coverage any other way, but it’s expensive, and has drawbacks.

The plans offered have a $75,000 overall annual cap on benefits (here’s a report on the MRMIP benefit), leaving people with that coverage at risk to significant medical debt, if they happen to be sick.

There’s a bill, AB2(Dymally), that Health Access California supports, to reform the program, including getting it more funding so it can provide a better benefit to more people. Its parked from last year, but without full “guaranteed issue” health reform, this issue will continue to be with us.

Health Access California promotes quality, affordable health care for all Californians.

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