A quick floor report…

Busy and productive day in the Assembly and Senate on many of the key health care bills. The health reform conversation is alive and well…

Here’s what passed (partial list–we’ll have a fuller update later today):

* SB1522(Steinberg), eliminating junk insurance and standardizing the insurance market to allow for “apples-to-apples” comparison for consumers. (Passed by the Senate 22-16 with Ducheny and Ridley-Thomas not voting; Correa voting no.)

* AB2967(Lieber), to require better data from health providers and plans to increase the transparency of the cost and quality of care. (Passed by the Assembly 41-32. Party line vote with Fuentes, Krekorian, Ruskin, Portantino, Solorio not voting; Soto absent; Arambula voting no.)

* SB1440(Kuehl), to require that at least 85% of premium dollars go to patient care, rather than administration, marketing and profit. (Passed by the Senate 22-16, with Machado and Simitian not voting, and Yee voting no.)

* AB1945(De La Torre), to require insurers to get an independent review before rescinding coverage from patients. (Passed the Assembly 57-16, with significant bipartisan support.) Also passing was AB2549(Hayashi) which sets a time limit for insurers to rescind. (Passed the Assembly 44-26.)

* AB1887(Beall) to expand the requirement on insurer to cover mental health services. (Passed by the Assembly 44-26, with Arambula, Mullin, Calderon, Galgiani not voting, Soto absent.)

* AB1962(De La Torre), to require insurers to cover maternity benefits. (Passed the Assembly 44-31, with Galgiani not voting; Soto absent; and Calderon and Parra voting no.)

* SB1351(Corbett), to require Attorney General oversight over district hospital sales and closures. (Passed the Senate 24-14, with Scott not voting.)

Good things. Good day for consumers.

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