Wonks R Us…

Brian Klepper at The Health Care Blog hosts the new version of Health Wonk Review. It’s well worth checking out, even if it didn’t includes two Health Access California posts, one on balance billing by me, and another on Senator Clinton’s health plan by Hanh.

The whole thing is worth the read, but here’s other posts of note:

* Jane Sarasohn-Kahn reviews new health consumerism data at Health Populi, showing little enrollment in so-called “consumer directed” health plans. As Klepper summarizes: “The enrollees in these plans tend not to be born-again uninsureds, but the healthy and wealthy. And still, a lack of information that can provide decision support to these enrollees remains a problem.”

* Bob Laszewski at Health Policy and Marketplace Review reports on a General Accounting Office (GAO) review of the individual health coverage market and state high risk pools, and the implications for McCain’s health plan.

* Health disparities are the focus of a post InsureBlog, on a Harvard study, suggesting the need for translation services.

* The Medical Humanities blog’s Daniel Goldberg responds to a NY Times article citing continuing evidence that wealthier people have fewer health problems than poor people.

* Maggie Mahar, writing at HealthBeat, describes how “the different sensibilities inherent in America’s social class structure are a major obstacle to meaningful political reform.”

* Colorado Health Insurance Insider, reviews data showing that a high percentage (59%) of American physicians support a national health insurance program.

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