They say the darndest things…

Assemblyman Ted Gaines today said he was concerned that insurers did not like a bill — AB1945 (De La Torre) — that would restrict their ability to profit, i mean, prevent insurers from retroactively canceling patients’ policies.

“I’m concerned about the insurance industry and want to make sure they’re on board. …I just want to make sure it works from both ends of the spectrum,” Gaines said.

I’d like to see Assemblyman Gaines mediate that discussion.

On one end is the consumer, who wants reliable health coverage that they’re not afraid to use for fear that it might get canceled.

On the other end is the insurer, who, on the one hand, does not want standardized applications to be too long (and inconvenience the consumer) but does not want the applications to be too vague, either, “so that they (insurers can) do reasonable underwriting up front.” (That means they want to be able to deny you for pre-existing conditions — that saves them the later step of retroactively canceling coverage.)

Middle ground?

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