Rescinding rescissions…

Earlier today, the Administration announced plans to allow for the reinstatement of all Californians who were rescinded for coverage in the past four years. This includes some immediate reinstatements, and an automatic process for those who can be identified to have their cases get a third party review, and have their care retroactively covered.

I was pleased to be at a press conference with Cindy Ehnes, Director of the Department of Managed Health Care, and Daniel Zingale, Senior Advisor to the Governor. There’s more to be vigilant about, to make sure that these patients get the care as quickly as possible, and their financial issues settled expeditiously, but this is positive movement forward.

More details are coming, including in articles by Lisa Girion and Marc Lifsher in the Los Angeles Times, and Dorsey Griffith in the Sacramento Bee. The other part of the story, that seems to be getting less play but is crucially important, is that the Governor has put forward principles for a legislative solution moving forward, so that no innocent person is ever rescinded again. As supporters of bills in the legislature, like AB1945(De La Torre), that help do that by requiring independent third-party review for every rescission case, that’s welcome as well.

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