Only in LA?

For those who were not able to witness Senate Health Committee in person, this week, it’s not always as boring as you might think.

Committee Chair Sheila Kuehl and Sen. Dave Cox had an interesting exchange during testimony of our bill SB1522, which would help organize the individual insurance market and place caps on out-of-pocket costs. Most importantly, it would help weed out junk coverage and require at least mimimum coverage of doctor’s office visits and preventive care.

Kuehl shared a story of a caller on a radio show who had ambulance workers lay a bill on her chest as she was being wheeled into the hospital emergency room.

“Surely,” snorted Sen. Dave Cox, R-Fair Oaks, “they would do no such thing.”

Responded Kuehl: “Yes, Sen. Cox. And a hospital in LA would surely not dump patients on Skid row in the middle of the night.”

“Well…” grunted Cox. “Maybe in Los Angeles.”

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