Gov: Another round?

Governor Schwarzenegger is committed to trying health reform again, according to a 30-minute interview with Juliet Williams at the AP:

“Now we’ll try again. We will continue on, keeping the stakeholders together, fine-tuning it and seeing if we can improve on it since we have the time now, then be back again. We feel very confident.”

We have an interest in making as much progress as possible under Governor Schwarzenegger in 2009. We don’t know who the next Governor will be, and what their interest in health reform will be. And if they do prioritize health reform, they will be able to do more if there was some momentum from their predecessor. The poll shows strong support and the opening of a new window of opportunity, but these windows are short-lived, and you never know when the next time will come.

There is time now to look at the proposals, fix things that weren’t right, resolve issues that were pushed to the future, and even take another look in areas where there might be better alternatives. The key thing, as well, is to lay a foundation for reform, which includes a budget that doesn’t take us backwards in terms of Medi-Cal cuts, and is sustainably funded.

Not small tasks for the rest of the year.

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