Did he really need to announce that?

Also during yesterday’s Medi-Cal budget subcommittee Sen. Mark Wyland, R-Escondido, made an unseemly and untimely remark.

It was during discussion about the governor’s proposal to stop paying the $100/month Medicare Part B (drs offfice visits) premium for seniors who earn at least $13,416 a year. Here’s how the math works out: It means that seniors who receive $1,118 a month would now have to dedicate $100 of their paltry monthly earnings to be able to see a doctor.

Asked whether any lawmakers had questions about the cut, Wyland piped up:

“Just to say, Madam Chair, we do support the governor’s proposals.”

I have no idea what inspired Wyland to be so enthusiastic about this cut — particularly after a string of witnesses explained the hardship this population already endures. Or why he thought this was a particularly useful insight that added value to the conversation — right then.

It was very very strange.

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