Congressional Republicans join in to stop Bush Administration cuts

The House voted 349-62 today to extend the existing moratoria on Bush’s Medicaid regulations that would have hurt low-income children and people with disabilities the hardest. (read more about the bad regs here and here.)

Besides the huge human impact state’s would have lost LOTS of money — like $50 billion in federal matching funds. California’s share was $2.2 billion in the first year of implementation.

Given that we’re facing our own budget crisis, let’s thank California’s members of Congress who continue to block these regulations. Here is the full roll call from today’s vote.

VOTING YES: All the Democrats, and Republicans Brian Billbray, Mary Bono, Ken Calvert, David Dreier, Elton Gallegly, Duncan Hunter, Jerry Lewis, Dan Lungren, Kevin McCarthy, Gary Miller, Devin Nunes, George Radanovich, and Dana Rohrabacher.

VOTING NO: Out of 19 Republicans in California’s Congressional delegation, only four voted no, which would allowed the Bush Administration cuts to go forward. Republican No votes were: Wally Herger, Darrell Issa, John Doolittle and Buck McKeon.

NOT VOTING: Republicans John Campbell and Ed Royce. Maxine Waters, a Democrat also did not vote.

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