Bigger budget blues…

This isn’t like every other year.

That’s the budget message: it’s worse than normal, and basic state services like health, education, and public safety are at major risk without significant action.

The deficit projections have grown significantly in just the last couple of months, reports Matthew Yi of the San Francisco Chronicle. The article goes on to quote several legislative leaders, that suggest that it’s nearly impossible to fix the problem with a “cuts only” budget–and such an approach would be devastating if tried.

Ed Mendel of the San Diego Union Tribune blog also quotes Senator Denise Ducheny, chair of the Senate Budget Committee, about how bad it is. She thinks that cuts are going to happen–and that new revenues are need just to prevent the most severe.

Clearly, the optimism is at a low point as we approach May Revise, when the Governor puts out the new version of the budget…

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