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I would be remiss in not linking to the new Health Wonk Review, at Workers Comp Insider. Lots of interesting posts.

It pointed me to an Deloitte survey of the attitude “health care consumers” done for corporations and their marketing, but with policy implications: suggesting support for broad health reform, with two-thirds willing to support mandates, and with a majority even willing to consider taxes. As Health Populi reported, they even defined some categories of consumers, based on their frequency of using the system, knowledge, compliance with treatments, focus on cost or quality, and other factors:

* Content & compliant, 29% of Americans
* Sick & savvy, 24%
* Online & onboard, 8%
* Shop & save, 2%
* Out & about, 9%
* Casual & cautious, 28% of the population.

Two other posts I would like to highlight:

Ezra Klein promises a post that is his wonkiest yet, using charts to compare health plans with the goal of system integration.

And Health Care Policy and Marketplace Review reports welcome news that several House Democrats have requested the Goverment Accountability Office (GAO) to report on the state of the individual market. This was prompted, in part, by the rescission controversy in California. It’s a much needed investigation.

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