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Kiplinger’s has a really strange and seemlingly contradictory article about how businesses can tackle their health care costs. One of their top bullets extols to businesses the value of Consumer-Directed Health Plans – which often carry high deductibles and do not have first-dollar coverage for preventive services.

The rest of their bullets outline a series of solutions that encourage preventive health, including free drugs to maintain chronic diseases, paying the full amount of preventive services, and preventive screenings — pretty much the opposite of what Consumer directed and High Deductible health plans provide.

These bare bones plans are less likely to provide preventive services — meaning patients would have to pay 100% of the bill for mammograms, colonoscopies, well-visits. Such a requirement makes enrollees in these plans are twice as likely to skip care. If businesses really want to save money in the long term and have a healthier more productive workforce, Consumer-Directed and High-Deductible plans are not the way to go.

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