It’s not just California…

Important article by the AP’s Sacramento bureau reporter Aaron Davis about the budget crises in the various states across the nation, and many of the cuts being proposed around the nation.

California’s proposed cuts, especially to health care, are spotlighted, but in a national context:

An Associated Press review of the budgets in all 50 states reveals coverage would be eliminated for hundreds of thousands of poor children, disabled and the elderly. More than 10 million people would lose dental care, access to specialists, name-brand prescription drugs or other benefits. About 20 million could see their care jeopardized by further cuts to doctors’ reimbursements.

Health care is a choice target as governors and legislators confront the worst deficits they’ve faced in a decade or more, but that’s not their only target: They’re also considering cuts in aid to schools and universities, shrinking state work forces and even releasing prisoners before their sentences are completed.

It’s relevant to know that California is not alone, and other states, from Illinois to New Jersey to Ohio all are struggling as well. The article does a good job of mentioning some of the impact of the cuts, especially for health care:

His medical cuts mark a dramatic turnaround from his failed attempt to create universal health care in California just last year.

He would eliminate dental care for 3 million and restrict access to specialists for 6 million. That includes podiatry care, which is crucial for diabetes patients to detect
infections and avoid amputations.

Schwarzenegger’s plan also ends reimbursements for poor patients recovering from cancer and other ailments who require incontinence creams and washes.

To make the case against the Governor’s cuts-only budget, we need to be clear about the impacts of these cuts, to health care and other vital services.

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