A balanced approach to the budget…

Jon Myers at the KQED Capitol Notes blog describes the new PPIC poll that suggests that the public is getting a better sense of the proposed cuts to education, health, and other vital services–and is thus beocming more willing to support alternative solutions–including taxes.

The new poll finds that 56% of voters are “very concerned” about the effects of spending cuts proposed by Schwarzenegger. And only 30% say they support a budget that would be balanced with spending cuts alone.

With that in mind, 42% of voters now favor a mix of tax hikes and cuts to balance the budget… something lobbied for by legislative Democrats. Of course, only 25% of Republicans surveyed favor this option; who said GOP members of the Legislature don’t represent their constituents?

There’s some education to do in Republican districts, to be clear that there will be reductions in education (and other key areas.).

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