60 votes!

The Take Back America Conference in Washington, DC, had a full panel on health care, focused on the Jacob Hacker proposal, with responses. The video is at the website of the Campaign for America’s Future.

Ezra Klein of the American Prospect wrote out his notes beforehand, and does an impressive job predicting what discussion will look like (which is very similar to many discussions of which I have been part)–basically, every speaker goes on to describe their favorite plan, a panelist or two and audience members emphasize single-payer, and the conversation goes back-and-forth.

Instead, Ezra focuses on the politics and one number: 60. That’s the number of Senate votes needed to pass any bill, regardless of who the President is.

It’s a call for advocates to be flexible given the political realities of next year–which means that reforms will need not just Democratic but Republican votes. But advocates have the opportunity to help shape the political environment of next year. The election matters, and not just the race for the White House.

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