1,000 posts…

Just recently, we published our 1,000th post on this blog.

Health Access California started putting up our semi-regular E-mail updates and alerts on the web nearly six years ago in May 2002, during a previous budget crisis, when major health reform was not really on the table. On the eve of the “the year of health reform,” in November 2006, we started posting daily commentary as well.

We hope this information has been useful: it is the mission of Health Access California to help our member organizations, community leaders, health advocates, and others, by providing them the best information, materials, political advice, and campaign infrastructure, to be the most effective on health care issues, on behalf of their constituencies. We hope this blog has been helpful in providing that information, a link to what’s going on in Sacramento, and on health policy in California, so that you (and your organization) can best engage in the policy process–on the variety of issues and in the full range of venues.

Before posting daily to the blog, I’ve wondered if there would be enough content… but it’s clear that there’s more than enough going on in health care–even when it’s *not* the “Year of Health Reform.”

Personally, it’s been interesting to also balance blogging with my “day job” being a consumer advocate and an organization director. We’ve been active in reporting and transcribing many public hearings and events and posting information… while at the same time, to be honest, not sharing strategy secrets or divulging information from private meetings.

We recognize that we are bookmarked by not just both our friends and allies, but by our occassional adversaries in the health indsutry as well. But we welcome their readership as well–maybe we can convince some of them of our position!

Let us know how we can more more helpful, more useful, more relevant for the next 1,000 posts… My E-mail is awright@health-access.org.

Health Access California promotes quality, affordable health care for all Californians.
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