What we’re left with

In the rubble of reform, what we have now is Blue Cross — the state’s largest insurer, which was opposed to any change to the status quo — petitioning doctors to turn in their patients with “pe-existing conditions,” presumably so Blue Cross can drop them. The story is in the LA Times.

Doctors, fortunately, think this is wrong and are telling the state to step up and smack Blue Cross, calling the request “deeply disturbing, unlawful, and interferes with the physician-patient relationship.”

My favorite line in the story, though, is Blue Cross defense of itself:

Blue Cross doesn’t always cancel the policies of patients with discrepancies in their applications, (spokewoman) Troughton noted. Sometimes it may offer them another plan, she said.

Right. Like one with a gazillion dollar deductible, where a patient is essentially paying to be uninsured — paying Blue Cross premiums at the same time they are paying full cost for all their medical services.

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